Can I stay at the Hostel or in the new accommodation for other periods?

Yes. If you wish to stay at the hostel for other periods of time from one night to a number of nights contact our Booking Officer for more information.


Is there a food shop at Deep Cove?

No.  Persons staying at Deep Cove are required to bring their own food as the nearest shop is at Manapouri. Groups are also required to take all of their rubbish out at the end of their stay and to leave the premises in a clean and tidy state. 


Is bedding available at Deep Cove?

Yes. The hostel has a small supply of duvets, sheets and pillowcases. Please see Price list for charges for these items.


Are there boats available for hire at Deep Cove?

The hostel has two excellent dinghies which can be hired, although the availability of these is subject to the needs of schools staying at the hostel. Schools have priority use of these. See Price list for charges

Can I book a cruise on Doubtful Sound?

Yes. However you would have to arrange this with charter operators in the area, preferably before travelling to Deep Cove. Real Journeys have a number of options and other operators carry out adventure trips in Doubtful Sound.

Is there internet access at Deep Cove? 

Yes. There is internet access at Deep Cove. This is provided by a satellite connection which is slower than broadband connected through a landline (None available at Deep Cove). It is also more expensive to operate but is adequate for E-mail and web browsing but would not be suitable for downloading of large movies etc. Computer chits are available for internet.


Is there a telephone at Deep Cove? 

No. There is no landline connection with Deep Cove for telephones and mobile phones do not work in the area. A connection is available through Skype and the internet and the manager has a satellite phone for emergency purposes. (This phone is charged out at $10 per minute however.)


Is television available at Deep Cove?

Yes but only in the new complex. (Not provided for school use.) 

What is the weather like at Deep Cove? 

Deep Cove is situated on the West Coast of New Zealand and consequently has a high rainfall. (Approx 7 meters per year.) That does not mean however that it rains all of the time, but when it does it can be very heavy. We have many fine hot days and from time to time, dust from the road can be a problem. However persons visiting the area must be prepared and equipped to deal with heavy rain. Occasionally we get snow on higher levels such as the mountain tops even in the middle of summer, with associated drops in the general temperature.


Is there a Department of Conservation education programme at Deep Cove?

Yes, the Deep Cove Super Site education resource is available to all schools and is easily accessed from the DOC website . This resource is designed to help teachers plan exciting and educational learning experiences on camp at Deep Cove.


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