Education Resources

Links for other DOC produced education resources that might be of interest to schools:

Kepler Track Super Site 

Includes some great activities that are relevant to schools at Deep Cove including Geology and Glaciation, The Beech Forest, 'Stoat Story', 'Rat Rollercoaster' and Maori History.


Play Date with Nature

Practical guide to spending quality time in the outdoors.... includes sensory scavenger hunt and activities for children who like an adventure, to discover or explore.


Possum Picnic

This activity introduces children to the impact of introduced animals.


Forest Ecosystems

This activity introduces the concepts of ecosystems, biodiversity and interdependence within the forest community.


Build a Tree

The Build a Tree activity is a fun way to demonstrate how a tree functions.  Students take on the roles of different tree parts and learn how they work.


Meet the Locals - Kids Restore the Kepler

'Meet the Locals' introduces students to some of the plants and animals found in Fiordland.  At the start of each week of term, a new species will be added with suggestions for activities in the classroom, around the school grounds and on camp.

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