Set amongst beautiful surroundings, the hostel is comfortable, clean and provides a great base to explore the Fiordland National Park

The hostel consists of a two storey building with sleeping and ablutions areas on the top floor and a common room, kitchen, and drying room on the ground floor. Although on the doorstep of a major power station, the hostel is not connected to the national grid. It must generate it's own electricity for a large amount of the time, supported by a diesel generator for use at peak times when there is insufficient water in the stream to operate the hydro plant.

A hostel manager resides at Deep Cove and is available to assist and advise parties staying at the hostel. Generally no vehicle transport is available. 

There is a kitchen downstairs and cooking is carried out on either a domestic electric stove or a large diesel stove. This also tends to provide heat for ground floor but also the hostel in general. Where electricity is available, a good drying room is available. 

The upstairs sleeping area is divided into two sections allowing divisions into male and female areas. Each has bunkrooms with either two, four or six bunks in each. The new accommodation will provide 10 bunkrooms with two bunks in each, a common room and a common ablutions area.

Facilities include: 

  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Cooking - large diesel burning stove and electric oven
  • Dining area
  • Showers (two male and two female student shower units plus adult showers and ablutions)
  • Ablutions - hot and cold water
  • Toilets
  • Electricty - Hydro generator supplied power. Diesel on standby. 
  • Bedding (matresses and pillows provided)
  • A Hostel Manager is in residence at Deep Cove

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