How to get to Deep Cove

Although it may appear on the map that there is a road link through to the West Arm of Lake Manapouri from the Lillburn Valley this is not the case, as the road is blocked by a large bluff. The only access is by launch across Lake Manapouri to West Arm and then by bus to Deep Cove some 22 km away over the Wilmot Pass Road. 

Transport is not provided by the hostel

The only company companies that currently has a concession to provide casual transport for the journey to Deep Cove which involves a launch trip across Lake Manapouri and then by bus from West Arm over the Wilmot Pass to Deep Cove is: 

To book accommodation & transport, click HERE or visit http://www.realjourneys.co.nz to find out more.

E-mail: [email protected]

Phon : +64 3 249 6602


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