Catch fish from the wharf or on a dinghy

Trout or boat rods are ideal for students to use from the designated wharf where students will mainly catch "spotties". For best results use Size 16 Mustard Sea hooks which are available from most sports shops. 

For fishing from the dinghies use slightly larger hooks, but in any case it is wise to use barbless hooks for all fishing activities. Prior to use the barbs of hooks can be crimped back using a pair of pliers or similar. 

Parents may bring in a set line to catch species such as groper, Ling and sharks

Bush Skills Course

Near the hostel is a bush skills course, designed to allow people to experience some of the bridges and obstacles they may encoutner in the Fiordland area. 

This course is not for "time trials" and the two and three wire crossings and the flying fox have a limit of one person at a time. 





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