We have a full-time manager who resides at Deep Cove. When he is on holiday or days off, we have volunteers who willingly give their time to making this place run efficiently. We try to make our office hours 8.00am to 5.00pm but of course in the case of emergencies or generator failures these people are available 24 hours a day. Our manager is available to assist and advise

The hostel is not connected to the national grid. We generate our own electricity which is distributed on a load sharing basis. At times the power may fluctuate, and some plugs will not be available. These will come back on once peak power usage has passed.

Our kitchen is fully equipped with crockery, utensils, pots, range oven and fridge/freezer. All food needs to be brought in with you as no shopping facilities are available.

Hot water is available for showering and washing, as well as flush toilets.

Notify the manager in any event of emergency. AED at reception.

Two dinghies may be available for hire when not being used by schools. Please arrange as weather permits. (There is a limited area these can be used)

We have some residential birds here who think they can come into our facilities. Please do not leave your doors open.

No guns are to be stored in your room or boat. A free gun cabinet is at the main office. Please ask for the key.

We also have our own effluent plant. NO sanitary pads tampons or handtowels are to be disposed down the toilet. Please dispose these products in sanitary bins provided.

$10.00 bed linen hire is available along with tea towels and towels.

There is a washing machine and dryer available for a donation, also a large drying room in the large hostel.

Souvenir Shop available. Inquire with hostel manager.

There is no cellphone reception but the Internet is available at a cost

Eftpos available for additional payments


No smoking in any building or around school children.

Check out and departure

Cleaning products are available for use.

Please make sure you take all your items out with you. This includes all your rubbish.

Please make sure you have returned anything you have borrowed. You have left the premises clean and tidy. A lux is available in each area, make sure the fridge and oven are clean. We appreciate it when these small things are done.


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